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debian server

Goal is to set up a home server running Debain Jessie.

0) The hardware is as follows

1) Download and install debian

2) Configure debian jessie

Update your repositories

  apt-get update


  apt-get install openssh-server


Add in a second hard drive

Users and groups

Make second harddrive rwx for group ‘movies’

Apple-File-Protocol (afp)

The key here is to specify the name of the mount point using ‘home name = $u_server’. Otherwise your mount point becomes ‘[[user]]’s home’ and programs like Microsoft Word and Fiji will probably not find the path with the apostrophe in the name.

$u is a variable that inserts the current username. It is defined in the afp.conf documentation.

[movie_server] is a mount point that will mount my second hard drive from folder /movies.

; Netatalk 3.x configuration file

; Global server settings

; basedir regex = /xxxx
;user1 will mount as user1_server
home name = $u_server
basedir regex = /home

; [My AFP Volume]
; path = /path/to/volume

path = /movies

Remote desktop with vnc

Install Anaconda (Python)

Configure duckdns to keep your external/router ip up to date

Install samba/smb file sharing

Run python scripts at boot

Transmission (torrent download)

  sudo apt-get install transmission
  sudo apt-get install transmission-daemon

Install particle cloud server

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