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Raspberry Pi Controlled Experiment (PiE)

Getting started

Follow the install instruction and then control the PiE server with the web interface.

Build Options

  1. Video recording. Use the PiE server to record video. All that is needed is a Raspberry Pi and a Pi camera.
  2. Behavior Box. Use the PiE server to record video, control IR and white lights, and log the temperature/humidity.
  3. On the scope video recording. Use the PiE server to trigger video recording from a microscope and to log eevents (including microscope frame) to a file.
  4. Full treadmill system. Use the PiE server to record synchronized video on a scope (option 3) while controlling a motorized treadmill.


This repository is a work in progess. It is functioning in my hands and fingers but may not in yours. Please email robert.cudmore [at] with questions or better yet, open an issue. If this code is used in any way, please be a good scientist/colleague and give me credit. If you see utility in this system and would like to see it customized for a particular experiment, contact me and we can collaborate.