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uv4l on Raspberry Pi

The uv4l people have update their code and you can now stream real-time high resolution video to a browser. And it works on the Raspberry Pi. The ‘u’ in uv4l is for ‘user’. It is a user-space wrapper around the low-level kernel driver v4l. It is just a matter of time before the people making v4l put the finishing touches on it and it will come standard on linux distributions. On the Raspberry Pi, work is underway on v4l2.

VNC in Debian 8 Jessie

Debian 8 Jessie will not run vnc using the gnome desktop. This bug will not be fixed until Debian 9.

Keeping in sync with github

The cloud is ‘just someone else’s computer’. And most of it is just ‘someone else’s fileserver’.

Programming an arduino with platformio

This post describes how to install and run platformio to compile and upload arduino code via a command line interface (CLI). This is a major breakthrough as it allows writing, compiling, and uploading arduino code on an ARM processor (e.g. Raspberry Pi) and on a Debian server. This allows me to program arduino(s) physically connected to headless machines and circumvents all sorts of silliness around the lack of an Arduino IDE for the ARM platform (shame on you arduino).


Crash course on PlatformIO

Bit Torrent Sync

BitTorrent Sync will synchronize folders between any number of machines on either a local LAN, over the internet, or via both. It synchronizes without using a central server as everyone is a peer, it is a peer-to-peer (P2P) network.


Use MQTT to send little packets of data around. My current thinking is that any sensor/data network should be a mixture of MQTT and Rest. They are different things and both provide some nice features. I like MQTT because: