Open the Hard Drives Path Panel using the main menu ‘MapManager - Hard Drive Paths’.

  • Save Options. Save the options. Saved options will be loaded next time Map Manager is run. Note, this is the same as the ‘Save Options’ button in the main options panel.

  • Map Manager Maps. Location to load and save maps. This defaults to ‘My Documents’ on Windows and ‘Documents’ on OS X.

  • Fiji Application. Location of Fiji application. Used when fitting line segments in Fiji.

    • On Windows, something like C:\Users\cudmore\apps\\ImageJ-win64.exe
    • On Mac, something like /Users/cudmore/
  • Session DB. Advanced: Location of your session DB folder if using the mp285 Canvas

  • Map MAnager Code. Shows the hard-drive path that Map Manager was loaded from. USeful if there are multiple Map MAnager installations on one computer.