Installing Igor Pro

  • Igor Pro is a cross platform program that runs on both Windows and Mac OS X.
  • You need to purchase an Igor Pro license from Wavemetrics, download Igor Pro and install it.
  • To try out Igor Pro, download and install a fully functional but time limited demo version.

Installing Map Manager

  • Once Igor Pro is installed, there is no formal installation of Map Manager
  • Get the source code from Bob.
  • The source code will be in a folder named ‘MapManager_date’ where ‘date’ is the date the software was created. The folder will be something like ‘MapManager_20151117’.
  • Run the software by double-clicking MapManager.ipf from within the source code folder.
  • To fit lines in FIJI you will have to specify a hard-drive path to FIJI and install a plugin in FIJI. Please see fitting segments in fiji.

Opening/Running Map Manager

  • Open MapManager.ipf into Igor Pro (just double click the MapManager.ipf file).
  • Once in Igor Pro, click in the command window to compile Map Manager and activate the main menus. The command window is in the lower left of your screen and has the window title ‘Untitled’.
  • To score a single timepoint stack, select the main menu ‘MapManager - Stack Browser’ to open the Stack Browser panel. See Annotating a stack for more information.
  • To score a timeseries of stacks (a map), select the main menu ‘MapManager - Map Manager Panel’ to open the main Map Manager panel. See Making A Map for more information.

Closing/Quiting Map Manager

  • Quit Igor Pro by selecting the main menu ‘Igor Pro - Quit Igor Pro’.
  • When you quit Igor Pro, you will always be prompted with the following dialog.
  • Always answer No. All Map Manager analysis is saved using the ‘Save’ buttons from within the Map Manager interface.

Map Manager Options

  • Global options are set in the Options Panel.
  • There is one set of options that will be reloaded the next time Map Manager is run.
  • Save the current options with the ‘Save’ button in the Options panel.
  • Options can also be saved and then loaded from a user file. Use ‘Save As…’ to save options into a user file.