This vascular analysis runs inside of Igor Pro.

Open bHyperstack in Igor Pro

  • Double-click on desktop icon bHyperstack.
  • Inside Igor, activate the Hyperstack menu by clicking on the Igor command window.
    The Igor command windows title is ‘Untitled’.
  • Select menu ‘Hyperstack -> Load User File’ and select your .txt file.

Load a hyperstack

  • In main Hyperstack panel, click ‘Load’ button.
  • You then load a hyperstack by opening a file ending in _T.ibw
  • For example if your hyperstack is named a152_hs1, you would load the file ‘a152_hs1_T.ibw’

Save a hyperstack

  • Saving is done one hyperstack at a time.
  • Select a hyperstack in main Hyperstack panel and click ‘Save’ button.
    The hyperstack will be saved on the hard-drive in the folder it was loaded from.

Quit Igor

  • Select menu ‘Igor Pro -> Quit Igor Pro
  • You will be asked ‘Do you want to save changes to experiment “Untitled” before quitting’.
    Answer No.
     <p class="important">Important: You are responsible for saving your work for each hyperstack. When you quit Igor Pro, your work is NOT AUTOMATICALLY SAVED.</p>

You save your hyperstack using the save button in the main hyperstack panel.