I ran out of memory?

Stacks take up a lot of memory. When a stack window is closed it is still in memory. Unload unused stacks in the main Hyperstack panel with ‘Unload Stacks’.

My stack window is not behaving correctly?

Close and re-open the timepoint.

My key-presses are not doing anyhting?

Make sure ‘Caps Lock’ is not on

Where are my files?


How do I copy a hyperstack from one computer to another?

You need to copy two things (i) the hyperstack file and (ii) the hyperstck folder
For a hyperstack named a153_hs2, you need to copy:
File: a153_hs2_T.ibw
Folder: a153_hs2

bHyperstack is VERY particular about the placement of files on the hard-drive

Do NOT change the names of files on the hard-drive by hand

[RETIRED] How do I move a node or slab?

To move an object, a node or a slab you
1. select the object you want to move (it will turn yellow)
2. move to the imaging plane it will go to
3. right-click the object and select the ‘Move…’ menu. You will see a red crosshair on the object.
4. drag the object to the new x/y position (don’t change the imaging plane)
5. click away from the object to commit