Install PyMapManager

Install from PyPi using pip

pip install PyMapManager

This will install the most recent version from PyPi.

Install from a manual download

1) Download the repo

This will make a PyMapManager folder.

git clone

2) Install required Python libraries

pip install -r PyMapManager/requirements.txt

3) Install PyMapManager (from the downloaded folder)

pip install PyMapManager/

Testing the install from a python prompt

Check the version

>>> import pymapmanager
>>> pymapmanager.__version__

Load an example map

from pymapmanager import mmMap
path = 'PyMapManager/examples/exampleMaps/rr30a'
myMap = mmMap(path)

You should see (exact seconds will vary)

map rr30a loaded in 0.45 seconds.

Then type

print myMap

And you should see

map:rr30a map segments:5 stacks:9 total object:2467