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Jekyll Again

To get up and running with Jekyll again. Do some cryptic and seemingly circular combination of this:


  • Run an nginx web server
  • Route mmclient to mmclient/index.html
  • Run Flask REST app as a service inside uwsgi

Startup mailer on a Raspberry Pi

Have a Raspberry Pi send an email when it boots.

Installing Raspian Stretch on a Raspberry Pi

These are instructions for installing the Raspian Stretch (Debian) system on a Raspberry Pi.

libav for ffmpeg

I have written this post countless times. Here I will finally switch to using libav over ffmpeg.

Raspberry startup tweet

Have a Raspberry send a tweet with its IP when it boots. This is incredibly useful when your Pi is headless with no monitor. There are tons of tutorials on this including one at instructables and another at opensource.

Home Debian server setup

Tweaking MQTT server to talk to Homeassistant